A Passion for Homes

October 29, 2016. I sit here in our family room on a gorgeous fall October day with my 3-month-old asleep on my lap after a feeding. Our yellow lab is lying in the sun on the carpet next to us and I hear the leaf blower going outside as my husband tries to tackle the barrage of falling leaves in our yard.  Life is pretty amazing right now and I am trying to cherish every minute of it.

As a new mom on an extended maternity leave, I am lucky enough to have the luxury of enjoying my days with our new bundle of love. Nearly every day, I pack up the baby & harness up the dog and we venture out on a long walk. I find myself daydreaming on these walks. “What are my dreams?”  “What are my passions?” “What do I get excited about?”  These are questions I have asked myself a million times before but, I could never really come up with an answer that I believed was true.

As I slowly walk my precious cargo through these charming neighborhoods in one of the prettiest cities in the United States, I dream about future homes for my family.  I envision our next house project to continue to make our home comfortable, yet beautiful. I get excited seeing what other people have done with their homes.  I realize I have a passion for homes, which brings me here to my first blog EVER.


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